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As the only professional outdoor soccer team in Maryland, IFK Maryland is destined to grow the game of soccer while establishing a presence in the community. With a landscape that resembles the European structure of development, the program provides an opportunity for players chasing the dream to find a club that can be the next step in their professional career.

The club first focus of the program was to build a youth program in which could start to feed into the menís team 1st team.  The youth program consist of players from the age of 8 all the way to the age of 19.  The main focus of the youth program is to build a developmental environment in which the players will be placed in a high coach to player ratio.  Coach Christopher Saul developed the academy training program which is offered to all IFK players.  The program runs Monday to Friday before the youth playerís team practice sessions.  During these sessions players are focusing on their individual development. 

Typically you will have 1 coach to 1 to 4 players.  This will allow for more repetition and an increase in the players confidence on the ball.  IFK fitness staff will also work on players in need of fitness, agility, or injury rehabilitation at this time.  Immediately after the IFK academy individual training program.  The players will move on to their prospective age group practices.  The goal of the youth program is to put a high focus on practices.  Development is the key with our youth program.   The program has limited the amount of travel found on a consistent basis to ensure that the players will have the proper focus and energy to maintain an effective training session every day of the week.  The youth teams travel to Sweden every summer to play against professional teamís youth teams.  Good showcase for determining where our players compare to European talent of their age.

Head Coach Christopher Saul played professionally in Sweden and has established relationships abroad. This connection allows the traditional American player to explore international opportunities while domestically receiving the training needed to reach the next level. The Menís team travels to Sweden twice yearly and in July of 2015, 8 of itsí players went on professional trial.

The club plays a team-oriented, possessive style of soccer with hints of flair and creativity mixed in. The club trains 5 days a week and is committed to the development of itsí players in 3 parts of the game Ė athletic ability, technical skills, and mental capacity. The club is supported by a technical staff that includes fitness coaches, goalkeeping coaches, and many player-coach assistants.

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